Hels Bells - Vocals
José - Guitar
Ollie - Drums
Miller - Bass

Hels - Vocals

Jack - Guitar

Miller - Bass

Ollie - Drums

This Cambridge band began in February 2015 with lead vocalist Hels Johnson, fuelled by a mutual passion for 80s and 90s rock and metal. When in December 2015, drummer Ollie Wallace brought his energetic, thrash inspired beats and bassist James Miller added his no nonsense, stoner rock minded bass lines, the band's unique style of heavy classic rock emerged. The addition of lead guitarist Jack Lawson in April 2017 with his soaring epic solos, complementing Hels’ melodic, soulful vocals, has nicely completed this 4-piece rock



In 2017 they won the Thetford Battle of the Bands and supported the likes of Chris Holmes (ex WASP), Santa Cruz and Attica Rage in some of the UK’s most iconic venues including The Camden Underworld, London and The Robin 2, Wolverhampton. Check out their debut album released 14th April 2018.


"It's loud. It's dirty. It smashes you over the head" - heavy classic rock at its best! Powderhead are a new face on a classic scene, belting out raw, old-school rock that will get your head banging, your body moving and leave you screaming for more!