Hels Bells - Vocals
José - Guitar
Ollie - Drums
Miller - Bass

Hels - Vocals

Simon - Guitar

Miller - Bass

Ollie - Drums

Following a self-titled debut EP released in 2016 and Limited Edition EP ‘Toxicate’ released in 2017, Powderhead unleashed their debut album ‘Don’t Let Them Win’ in April 2018, described by critics as "a rough-edged gem full of snotty attitude and firey riffs... vicious

fretwork and grab you by the throat vocals" (Atom Smasher Music), where the music “packs a punch and in places is akin to being strapped to one of the pickup trucks in Mad Max. It’s gritty, it exudes explosive energy and you’ll need a sit down afterwards” (Powerplay



With their high-octane stage performance, this 5-piece have supported the likes of Chris Holmes (ex WASP), Santa Cruz and Attica Rage in some of the UK’s most iconic venues including The Camden Underworld, Bannermans Bar and The Robin 2.

Check out their debut album “Don’t Let Them Win” here:


Chris - Guitar

Powderhead are a new face on a classic scene, making a name as "hard rockers that power up and smash you straight in the face" (Black Phoenix Metal Forum).